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Wahid Fol rebranding


Wahid Fol is a popular fast-food restaurant chain in Saudi Arabia that specializes in sandwiches and traditional Saudi food.

Our agency was tasked with rebranding the visual identity of the brand to reflect its heritage, modernize its image, and enhance its social media presence.


Type: Branding and Social Media Management

Category: Food and Beverage

Services: Rebranding, Visual Identity, Design System, Packaging Design, Social Media Strategy, Content Creation, Motion Design


The challenge with Wahid Fol was to maintain the heritage of the brand while modernizing its image and creating a cohesive visual identity that reflects the brand’s quality and market position. We also needed to enhance the social media presence of the brand and create engaging content for its audience.

What we did:

Visual Identity
Design System
Packaging Design
Social Media Strategy
Content Creation
Motion Design


Our team successfully rebranded Wahid Fol’s visual identity while maintaining its heritage and modernizing its image. We created a cohesive design system for the brand, which was applied to all communications channels, including packaging, bags, uniforms, and offline and online templates. Our social media strategy and content creation efforts resulted in increased engagement and brand awareness on digital platforms. As a result, Wahid Fol experienced a significant increase in sales and brand recognition in the food and beverage market. Our branding and social media management efforts established Wahid Fol as a modern, quality-driven brand that reflects its heritage and tradition.”

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