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Tilia is a fine-dining Saudi restaurant that provides Yemeni cuisine, named after the Tilia flower in Yemen.

Our agency was tasked with creating a premium, elite, and fantasy brand identity that would reflect the elegance and sophistication of the restaurant.


Type: Branding

Category: Food and Beverage

Services: Brand Strategy, Creative Direction, Visual Identity, Interior Design, Packaging Design, Brand Guidelines


The challenge with Tilia was to create a brand identity that reflected the premium, elite, and fantasy experience of the restaurant while also capturing the essence of Yemeni cuisine. We had to design a brand that would create an emotional connection with the customers and differentiate the restaurant from its competitors.

What we did:

Brand Strategy
Creative Direction
Visual Identity
Packaging Design
Brand Guidelines


Our team created a brand identity that reflected the elegance and sophistication of the restaurant, using the Tilia flower as the logo, emerald green and gold as the color palette, and a handwritten typeface to convey the fancy and elegant vibes. The imagery style had the same tone and elegant feel. We also designed the interior and packaging to align with the brand’s message and vibes, resulting in a cohesive and consistent brand experience across all touchpoints. As a result, Tilia became a popular fine-dining destination in Saudi Arabia, with increased sales and brand recognition in the food and beverage market.

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