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Riena mora


Riena Mora is a high-quality housewares manufacturing company inspired by the Puerto Rican bird, Riena mora.

Our agency was tasked with creating a flexible and simple visual identity for the brand, as well as designing the packaging for its products.


Type: Branding and Packaging Design

Category: Housewares

Services: Visual Identity, Packaging Design, Artwork and Pattern Creation


The challenge with Riena Mora was to create a visual identity that reflects the brand’s inspiration and values, while also being flexible enough to fit on various packaging designs for different products. We also needed to showcase the brand’s high-quality products through vibrant and fresh packaging designs.

What we did:

Visual Identity
Packaging Design


Our team successfully created a flexible and simple visual identity for Riena Mora that reflects its inspiration and values. We generated patterns and artwork from the logo, which we applied to the packaging designs for all products. We used vibrant and fresh colors to highlight the products and showcase their functions. As a result, Riena Mora’s products stood out in the market and the brand established itself as a high-quality and authentic housewares brand.

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