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Funky Chicken


Funky Chicken is a Kuwait-based fast-food restaurant that caters to the younger generation.

The brand’s core values pulsate with youthful energy, a sense of fun, and dynamic movement. Our agency’s mission? Craft a captivating brand identity that embodies this vibrant spirit and cuts through the crowded market with a unique presence.


Type: Branding

Category: Food & Beverage

Services: Logo Design, Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Packaging Design, and more


Build a brand that speaks to young, active spirits. We needed a unique, eye-catching identity that reflects their love of movement, and fun, and stands out in a crowded market.

What we did:

Brand Strategy
Logo Design
Visual Identity
Packaging System


Our brand soared with young audiences! We crafted a playful logo inspired by Memphis art, perfectly capturing the brand’s energetic spirit. Emojis, a language teenagers speak fluently, were incorporated throughout the design, adding relatability and a touch of fun. This playful energy extended to the packaging, creating a visually cohesive brand experience. The result? A fresh, youthful brand that cuts through the market noise, exceeding client expectations and attracting the desired younger demographic.

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